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We are passionate about shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals in Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana

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Our Mission

At Healthcare OKI, we're all about helping students kickstart an exciting career in healthcare. Our mission is to provide you with the resources and guidance to explore opportunities in the healthcare industry that put you on a path for a rewarding and successful future.

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Exploring Careers In Healthcare

The healthcare field is filled with career opportunities that meet a wide range of interests and skills. It’s also one of the fastest-growing sectors, offering stability for your future. With a never-ending need for medical care, along with advancements in medical technology, the demand for healthcare professionals is on the rise. This growth means more job opportunities and lots of potential for advancement. Here are some of the top career paths in healthcare:

Healthcare jobs
Nursing student enjoying her internship


Nurses are the heart of healthcare, offering vital care and support to patients. With options like pediatrics, emergency care, and oncology, nursing is...
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Doctors diagnose and treat illnesses, perform surgeries, and specialize in areas like cardiology, neurology, and ...
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Young pharmacist filling orders


Pharmacists are the go-to experts for medications. They dispense medicine and provide important advice on how ...
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Public health advocating for health standards for under served communities

Public Health

Public health professionals continuously strategize ways to improve the overall health of their community. They do this through education, policy-making, and ...
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two biomedical engineer students ideating on whiteboard

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers design and develop medical devices and equipment that enhance patient care. It's a great combination of ...
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Healthcare Skills for a Successful Career

Healthcare can seem like an intimidating industry, but it truly has options for a wide range of interests and skills! If you aren't sure if you're a great fit for a healthcare career, see if you match any of the following skills that are highly sought after in the industry:

If you're considering your future career, the healthcare industry has a lot to offer.

 It’s perfect for all kinds of skills, whether you’re into tech, solving problems, working on a team, or adapting quickly to changes. If you pay attention to details or like a fast-paced environment, there’s probably a place for you in healthcare!

Youth Programs

We introduce students to exciting career pathways in supply chain, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. Learn more about each of our focus industries and their opportunities today!

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Lunch & Learns

Enjoy lunch while gaining insight and knowledge through presentations by industry experts.
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Business Partner Tours 
& Job Shadows

Step into the industry operations with tours and hands-on job shadows at leading companies, offering an immersive learning experience.
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Junior Achievement 
Inspire to Hire Events

Junior Achievement 
Inspire to Hire Events

Connect with professionals and discover diverse career paths at our Junior Achievement Inspire to Hire Event.
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Co-op/Internship tour

Co-op/Internship Opportunities

Begin your career journey with real-world experience through co-op and internship opportunities with local business partners.
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Our Sponsors

Our partners not only provide monetary donations and support to make our services and programs free for all, but they also provide an array of opportunities for our members including info sessions, facility tours, co-ops or internships, and full-time positions.

Our Events

Healthcare OKI and Career Aspirations introduces students to exciting career pathways in supply chain, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. Learn more about each of our focus industries and their opportunities today!

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